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oakley probation polarized

"She was so helpful to me when I started teaching first grade. oakley sunglasses price Over the last year, Oakley said Goodwill has aided 2,880 job seekers, and helped employ 602 of those individuals who came through the Job Connection Center. He also was charged with two misdemeanors — domestic violence battery and criminal mischief — in connection with the same incident, Lemma said. While serving his country, he continued his education and earned two master’s degrees. [oakley sunglasses price] The large Plutonite polycarbonate lens provides great coverage, blocking out light from the sides and below, with Iridium and Hydrophobic coatings to reduce glare and repel water and smudges.

Oakley Probation Polarized Oakley Probation Polarized  
Oakley Probation Polarized
planebill opens new business areas: - public and private transportation - artistic portals and apps
  the integrated onboard services and billing solution

is leader in sw applications for the air travel market. our web applications for passenger's laptop and netbooks include onboard portals for passengers and crew members, giving access to onboard connectivity, e-commerce, food and drink orderings, business support, info services and in flight entertainment. billing can be applied to all services/passenger combinations. our mobile applications use the capabilities of passenger's pda, smartphones and tablets to enjoy services in a better way and with increased functionality. and finally, our planeroaming solution enables passengers to communicate using their own mobile number without the need for an on board cellular infrastructure.

web applications
jetportal and crewportal are the on board portals providing a web based interface for passengers and crew members as well.

passengers simply open their laptops netbooks or tablets web browsers and get redirected to jetportal, which is multilanguage and multicurrency, and they can navigate either a free section of the on board portal or the premium services area.

in the free section they can find news, weather, an onboard chat, local magazines, destination information, free ife, advertised sites and flight based services (fbs).

in the premium in flight entertainment section they can enjoy on board programming, movies, music, games and gambling on their own devices as well as ordering food/drinks or buy merchandise. connectivity services enables them to get connected to internet if the aircraft has ground connectivity, voip calls or messaging. all this with a single intuitive interface.

the airline can decide which services to offer for free, which ones to charge and the corresponding prices.

jetportal/crewportal use the jetbill core functions for billing and payment using credit cards, prepaid vouchers, accumulated frequent flyer miles or any fidelity programs the airline may have in place (also with partners). tariffs for premium services can be bound to passengers class or finer categories.

crew members can control services using crewportal as well as being informed of customer orders or requests made in jetportal. crewportal allows also summary reports and communication with ground personnel for operational or administrative procedures including security. crewportal gui is designed to face with busy crew members. given the same level of offerings to passengers, self service passenger operations in jetportal and crewportal together offload and optimize crew operations.

Oakley Probation Polarized

Oakley Probation Polarized
mobile applications
given the increasing number of passengers carrying on board smartphones, pda and tablets, planebill has developed several native applications taking into account their additional capabilities as well as their additional limitations.

native applications range from simplified access to jetportal information, as well as new features such as communication, sending/receiving messages on board, automatic flight modes setup, etc.

there is a large number of platforms for mobile devices, in order to cover most passengers devices planebill has developed these applications for the ios, android, windows phone, and blackberry.* evolution of the mobile platform scenarios is closely followed by planebill to introduce or prioritize the most popular ones, as consolidation proceeds.

Oakley Probation Polarized

mobile applications are also available for crew members functions, allowing them to control services from a carried on tablet or smartphone.

* not all mobile applications are available on all mobile platforms.

Oakley Probation Polarized

Oakley Probation Polarized
one of the most innovative solution presented by planebill, allows passengers to communicate with peers on the ground using a roaming mechanism they fully control. this solution requires a minimum air to ground connectivity (iridium is sufficient for messaging) and a ground server which can be hosted at the airline premises anywhere, or hosted by us.

after having downloaded the planeroaming client on their smartphones, they can decide to roam on the plane, thus being able to become reachable, or they can use the application to send messages to their contacts while flying.

Oakley Probation Polarized

the system is controllable by the airline/aircraft operator which can decide and monitor usage and prices.

this solution does not require any gsm or cellular installation on board or on ground, but let the passengers be reached on their cellular number.

the airline does not have any relationship with a cellular operator and can decide autonomously on the tariffs.

Oakley Probation Polarized

Oakley Probation Polarized
planebill has a complete solution for airlines and aircraft operators willing to offer, in modular way a wide variety of on board services during flights, according to their business plans and without large upfront investments.